Four Teachers Grapple with CoGoPo Concepts

I am joined by a virtual Mt. Rushmore of CoGoPo teachers: Ryan DeMarco, Lisa Dudgeon, Jane Highley, and Anthony Peek. They explore their favorite countries to teach and the most challenging concepts to communicate to students. Then they offer advice to students who are to beginning their studies of CoGoPo.

Please support the CoGoPod here. I truly appreciate your support. Every little bit helps. Thank you! Big thanks to Drew Anderson for his generous donation. Good luck with your first year teaching CoGoPo Drew. We're rooting for ya!

If you teach this class and want to participate in the CoGoPod in any manner whatsoever, please contact Daniel Lazar at danielaaronlazar (at) I cordially invite questions, comments, and suggestions. 

Our theme song is "Inspired" by Kevin MacLeod (License). 

Thank you for listening.
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Four Teachers Grapple with CoGoPo Concepts
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