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Calamity in the Caucuses: The Fight For Chechnya

In commemoration of Russia's 1994 New Year's Eve assault on Chechnya (28 years ago today), this episode explores the Chechen struggle for independence in the 1990's, h...

Russian Political Culture & Participation: Apathetic Engagement Among the Keenly Disillusioned

This talk explores Russian political culture, political participation, and civil society.

The Quandaries of Russia’s Anti-Revolutionary Revolution

This talk explores how and why Yeltsin and the rest of the world failed to see the revolutionary situation in which Russia found itself in the 1990's and how Putin cap...

Is The House of Lords Broken and Can it be Fixed?

What does the upper house of Parliament do and what should be done about this esteemed, if sometimes anachronistic legislative body?

Structural-Functional Analysis of the British National Government

This talk seeks to summarize and sometimes analyze the functions of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches in the UK. Please support the CoGoPod here. Your ...

Structural Analysis: Thinking About Systems

This is a short reflection on structural analysis and systems thinking based rather loosely on the academic work of David Easton and Gabriel Almond.

Thinking About Political Culture

This short talk defines political culture then explores Almond's three levels of political culture before diving into cultural congruence and consensual vs. conflictua...

In Conversation with Vincent Okwechime, Formerly of Shell Oil Nigeria

Trained in law, Vincent Okwechime worked for Shell Oil Nigeria as a lawyer, manager of oil spill cleanup and compensation, head of security, and lastly as brand manage...

A Prelude to Studying Mexican Politics

This short talk offers considerations from which to launch scholarly pursuits of Mexican politics and discusses the many policy challenges that the Mexican regime faces.

In Conversation with Obi: Life in Port Hartcourt, Nigeria

The CoGoPod welcomes my pal Obi. Born in Texas, raised in Port Harcourt, and now, like me, an immigrant in Berlin, Obi and I dive into his Nigerian youth. This is the ...

The Curse of Black Gold: Power Politics in the Niger Delta

This talk explores the domestic and global reactions to the political, economic, and environmental impacts of oil in Nigeria.

Corruption & Lawlessness in Nigeria's Unstable Democracy

This short talk explores the causes and consequences of ubiquitous corruption for Nigerian politics. While there is a virtual cornucopia of corruption cases from which...

A Prelude to Studying Nigerian Politics

This short talk offers considerations from which to launch our scholarly pursuit of Nigerian politics.

Iranian Political Culture, Participation, & Socialization

This lecture offers some introductory insights into Persian political culture, with a particular focus on political socialization, elite recruitment, and interest arti...

Students Discuss the "One China" Myth

My students discuss my lecture (in the previous episode) on China's long struggle for internal sovereignty. They discuss the key questions raised by the lecture, they ...

Students Debate Chinese Democracy

Students debate the motion: “Western Liberal Democracy Would Be Wrong for China". While they did not have the luxury of choosing their side of the debate, given the ch...

A Prelude to Studying Iranian Politics

This talk offers considerations from which to launch our scholarly pursuits of Iranian politics and concludes by diving into policy challenges that the Iranian regime ...

The "One China" Myth: Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong

This lecture explores China's long struggle for internal sovereignty. Despite PRC claims of being "Zhong Guo Ren" (Chinese People with Universal Values), China is a fr...

A Prelude to Studying the PRC

This talk offers considerations from which to commence scholarly inquiries into Chinese politics before diving into ten policy challenges that the PRC is facing.

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